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About me

Rachel Cutler MA, Dip. Coaching, PG Dip. Counselling, PG Dip. Psychology, MAC, MBACP (Accred.)

Triumph over adversity never fails to inspire me and I have made it my business to put this human endeavour at the centre of my working life. As interviewer, counsellor and coach I have great experience of people’s stories and I have learned to actively listen, understand, support and enable those I work with. As a coach I work with you to identify your needs and progress in the way that works best for you towards the goals that you set. This requires motivation from you and from me. I will make it my business to discover what motivates you, because I believe it is the key to getting what you want. As a Coach, my key motivation is the desire to facilitate positive change for others and I know that I can do this for anyone who comes to me wanting to change. Central to my success in coaching is the life experience I bring. My journey has not been easy, I have taken the difficult path at times and there have been many obstacles to overcome. But I know that smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. So, I value every life experience good or bad, each one has presented me with knowledge and understanding of myself and of others. 

This is the deal I make with you...

I bring experience, expertise, commitment, passion.

You bring your inner resources and a desire to create change in your life. This is the basis for my coaching work and is critical to bringing about lasting change for you. Once we have this deal in place you will be able to re-write your script, change your story and live the life you want.