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Transformational Coaching
for Women

Are you tired of being told you can't have your cake and eat it?

As women we often feel we can't even have the cake.  I want to change that for you. So get yourself a fork and join me here at the table - there is enough for us all to have a slice.

I provide a specialist coaching service for women because I have found that often women can't answer the first

question I ask my clients, which is:

'What do you want?'

It is a simple question, but for women in particular it is a very difficult one to answer. Women rarely put their needs before others; family, friends, colleagues. The aims and outcomes remain the same as for all my clients, but we begin our work together by enabling you to openly and honestly and without guilt, express your needs and desires. Once this first step is completed the next four steps of the process for change are open to you and you too can change your life.

    Coaching is a partnership

There is no mystery to my coaching approach, just simple ideas communicated with clarity. I make an agreement with each client in which I provide experience, expertise, commitment and creativity, and they provide their emotional and practical resources and a desire to create lasting change in their life. This is the basis for my coaching work and is critical to a successful partnership. Once we have this deal in place, clients can set their goals, make the changes they want, re-write their life script and achieve fulfillment both professionally and personally.

The logistics:

We will meet for an initial two to three hour session to assess your needs, aims and goals. I will create a bespoke package for you, to include face to face sessions, phone consultations and email support. I will also provide you with an intake pack and paperwork to support the work we do. You can opt for ongoing support after this, which might be the occasional face to face, as well as phone and email support.