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psychological business consulting

I will work with you to integrate well-being and health support within the culture and structure of your organisation.

By making your people your priority, you will be able to grow and develop your business quickly and with long lasting success.

By fostering trusting relationships, resilience and an investment of change in your people, you will discover that they will in turn invest in you, your ideas and the success of the business.

coaching for success

I am a highly effective and transformative coach. I bring a diverse set of skills to my work with individuals.

I draw on my extensive experience talking with athletes to work on motivation, goal setting, resilience and perceptions of success and failure.

Clients have found my approach to be highly effective, not only in resolving challenges and conflict, but enabling them to achieve an enduring high quality of performance and team cohesion.

training for growth

Training is key to bedding in ideas, skills and knowledge and developing the business culture and environment you want to achieve.

I provide training in the following areas:

Trust – building trusting relationships in the workplace.

Change – managing fear and navigating change.

Resilience – building and maintaining resilience in individuals, teams and organisations.

Mental well-being – putting your people’s well-being at the heart of your business culture.

In Place Of Fear

Taking Care of people is taking care of business