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Taking care of people is taking care of business.

I am Rachel Cutler, a psychological business consultant, coach and trainer. I support businesses to create an environment which puts the well-being of their work community first.

What I Do

Psychological Business Consulting

I will work with you to integrate well-being and health support within the culture and structure of your organisation.

Coaching for Success

I am a highly effective and transformative coach. I bring a diverse set of skills to my work with individuals.

Training for Growth

Training is key to bedding in ideas, skills and knowledge and developing the business culture and environment you want to achieve.

What does your business need?


Fear is a powerful and useful emotion. We need it to help us understand what is a danger to us in order that we can respond with fight or flight and keep ourselves safe.

But fear is too often now a feeling we cannot act on – in modern life, fear is not something tangible that we can fight off or fly from. When we cannot attend to fear, it becomes anxiety and anxiety paralyses us – it suggests a threat, but has none of the energetic power that we experience when we experience fear – it is fear in limbo.

That is why I have chosen to live my life and base my work on taking action against fear. I know that we can achieve our true potential when we choose to put feelings, thoughts and actions that are optimistic, creative and focused In Place of Fear.

As a consultant for business, a coach, trainer and group facilitator, I have used this approach to work with all kinds of people, from individual athletes to corporate organisations, to build trust, create resilience and make lasting change in place of fear.


You share with me the vision you have for your people and your organisation. I create a bespoke programme, to ensure that the vision you have is translated into action and lasting change.

Some words from clients
Annabel Giles - TV and Radio Presenter

I have recently had a few life coaching sessions with Rachel Cutler and can honestly say they were very useful. She has a great sense of humour, which helps when addressing difficult issues, and is full of positivity and energy which really got me raring to go! Hopefully she will continue to help me make the changes I need in order to have a more satisfying life. Thoroughly recommended.

Steve Bilotto - Bilotto Consulting

Insightful, knowledgable and empathetic. Challenging work but the rewards are great! Would recommend to everyone who wants to do better but doesn’t know where to begin.

Client at Shakespeare Martineau

Rachel is like a lighthouse in the fog, keeping you off the rocks. You might know the route you are supposed to take but sometimes in the dark or fog it’s hard to make out where that route is and she just lights it up for you.

Private client

I am what I am today because I picked up the phone and called Rachel all those years ago. I cannot stress what she has done for me and, as a result, what she has done for my family.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
– Maya Angelou
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