Are you aged between 40 and 60? What does the term content creator mean to you? How about Influencer? YouTuber?

I am asking because I am concerned that my generation is missing out on a hugely important movement, one which is changing the way our world is constructed online.

I encourage you to connect with these youthful individuals, and when you do you will see why. Here is a world of great creativity, knowledge, experience, openness, kindness, activism, thoughtful parenting, friendship, hard work, fun, curiosity, and mental health awareness. Give them a chance – you will find something or someone that speaks to you – I believe that you will find yourself loving the optimism of youth.

My experience of these creators began over ten years ago, when they were generally referred to as youtubers. My youngest son and daughter in particular, watched them and so did I. I had the same approach to the video games they played, I experienced many games from the ever frustrating Minecraft to the deeply dull Spyro, through bonkers Sims and the unplayable Fifa. Obviously I didn’t continue to watch their online people or play their video games, I just wanted to know with whom and with what they were connecting.

My son’s experience was so powerful that he credits it in part to helping him live on after a great personal loss. He has watched his youtubers move from producing playful short prank pieces, to transforming into full blown entrepreneurs, mental health pioneers, musicians, film makers and household names. He sees them as family in a wider sense. Of course there is poor work out there and there is cynicism; the idea that there is quick and easy money to be made attracts the lazy and the dull. But any information / entertainment medium suffers those fools too, doesn’t it?

I watch a number of creators on Instagram, Youtube and Tik Tok – I have learned, been entertained, laughed and cried at their stories. Of course critical to success in this field is the ability to use one’s own life, often one’s daily life, and in some cases the lives of families and friends. This brings a depth of connection with their followers that film and tv directors, and their producers can only dream of.

The honesty and openness of these creators moves me and worries me in equal measure, because there is potential both for great communication and for emotional pain through this work. Knowing where to draw a line in the sand between private and public life is incredibly difficult to gauge. There are some very good agencies and managers out there who support and guide their talent, but it is not always clear what is the best decision to make on any given day; it is a fast moving and changing ‘world’. This is why I will continue to support them as a follower and as a psychological support for them, their families, colleagues and businesses. They have given, and continue to give so much of themselves, and I want to give myself and my support to them, whatever the difference in age and experience. For me there are no age restrictions.