What is resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to cope with the adverse events and relationships in our lives, in a way which prevents them overwhelming us, and allows us to continue to function successfully in the world.


is not some magic ingredient that some of us have and others do not.

is not about keeping dry in the rain – it is about coping with getting wet.

is not looking on the bright side and being a glass half full kind of person.

is not the answer to the problem – it is the secure base from which we attend to the problem.

Think about why YOU would need to be resilient in the workplace.

Is there a pattern to where the stress and anxiety might develop for you.

My Resilience Toolkit

Resilience is not the same for each of us, we have different experiences, and we have different personalities, and these will impact greatly on what our toolkit looks like.

Building and maintaining our resilience is important business and our personal toolkit needs to be continually worked on, audited, and assessed. It is an everyday task.

My model holds four elements key to building resilience.

1. Self-care   ~      how you keep yourself safe and mentally and physically well.

2. Experiences  ~ how you have responded to them.

3. Self-belief  ~     how much faith you have in your ability.

4. Tolerance  ~     how much pain and discomfort you can withstand.